Technology on the Rise

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Technology has been growing throughout the years; ever changing and evolving in all new ways. It has come natural to us by now, to use technology on anything and everything. We use technology for even the littlest things, such as looking up a recipe for a meal, or the name of an actor. It seems to be that the more technology develops, the more addicted and the more dependent we become. If we really think about how many times we use technology a day, we will start to realize how much it has consumed us. Think about how many times a day you see someone on their phone, or on a computer. Now you start to realize how addicted we are. It’s so common for us to use and see people use technology, that we take it for granted and never think twice…show more content…
People who use their cell phones while driving are not only a danger to themselves but to everyone else on the road. “It's estimated that at least 23% of all car accidents each year involve cell phone use – that's 1.3 million crashes.”(Statistics, lines 38-39) The increased use in cellular devices seems to be very distracting to drivers and therefore becoming a hazard. Sometimes, you might catch someone walking into a wall or bumping into others, as if they were a zombie, because they are too distracted by their technology. As technology can help save our lives in many different ways, it can also be what causes our lives to be at risk; we should be cautious and careful how we use it and never become zombified by it. Technology has not only made things easier for us but has made things in life a lot faster. Cars, trains, planes, and boats have made traveling around the world so much faster. Places that would take us days to get by car, we can simply take a plane and get there in a few hours. Phone calls, texting, E-mail, and social media have made it so much faster to talk to friends who live hours always or even across the world. You can now Facetime or Skype with family and friends to keep in touch, face to face. Computers now make sending files to jobs, schools, and friends very fast and efficient. Technology allows us to do many things much faster, but does that make us more dependent on it. Most people have had that moment when they can’t feel their cell
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