Technology 's Effect On Society

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As People Rely More And More On Technology To Solve Problems, The Ability Of Humans To Think For Themselves Will Surely Deteriorate

Technology has always changed world’s face and in one view makes the life easier for humans. In these few decades, technology has a lot of progress and now more than before people live in an electronic jungle. The human’s nature is a powerful engine for people to look for more shortcuts in the life. As the society depends on technology more and more to find an answer for humans’ problem, the ability of thinking for themselves among people reduces. Kids influence by technology’s effect more than adults. Higher technology tools change the structure of children thinking and also cause children cannot use their minds for solving problems.

At first glance, technology changes the way children think. The new generation has a power to do many tasks in the same time, but it is hard for them to focus on the book. The tablet, cellphone, etc. become a toy in hand of children. As people write code for program and devices, those tools code human’s minds too. The subconscious of children is clear when they were born by reputation their minds learn how to act. There is a video on YouTube about a one-year-old girl; her father gave her a tablet. She used tablet easily, she touched a page and played well with the tablet. After that, her father gave her a magazine; she did not know how to change the page. She touched the picture of a magazine 's cover and
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