Technology 's Efficiency Footprint On The Healthcare World Essay

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Technology’s Efficiency Footprint on the Healthcare World Technology is essential for improving the efficiency of today’s healthcare world, and to continue the advancement of the processes involving patients’ care. In fact, according to Dr. John Haughom, senior advisor of Health Catalyst states, “Over the past several decades, thanks to improved diagnostic and therapeutic options, healthcare has experienced an explosion of innovations designed to improve life expectancy and quality of life.” In other words, technology is rapidly changing the healthcare world, whether the change is causing a good or bad effect on the methods of healthcare, as technology progresses the healthcare world must follow. Although, technology can cause small dilemmas in the healthcare world, for example, malfunctions, unreliability, and security breaks; it is capable of improving the healthcare world by providing electronic patient records (EPR), patient’s satisfaction, and increase accuracy within a hospital. Technology has proven to be an important player in furthering a hospital into the challenging game of becoming successful, and innovated. Computers are a form of technology that has the potential to cultivate the healthcare world by increasing productivity of healthcare providers. Computers are not the main source of productivity, it is what computers are capable of storing that makes them essential to healthcare. Computers have the ability to hold multiple databases on their hard drives,
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