Technology 's Growing Impact On Teachers And Education

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Princesse Mbengang Professor Jason Wise English 103 16 September 2015 Technology’s growing Impact on Teachers and Education A cold February morning, I step off the school bus to make it to my locker and leave my backpack. I could not open my locker and the bell rang. I was eleven or twelve when I entered middle school. My English was somewhat mediocre, so I was afraid to ask for help more than once and not get embarrassed. I was still cold and nervous on my way to class. I had on a multicolored beany and a white coat. I entered my first class, Science class. I sat at my assigned seat. Then all of a sudden I felt heavy stares over my shoulders and around me. I was so nervous I could not even look up. Then the teacher introduced me to the…show more content…
At times The characters varied from cartoons to teenagers acting like scientists. Filling out the paper was not so much of a challenge but learning was. Here I am trying to fill in the blanks but I can not decide whether I should just listen for the answers or just watch the show and then copy the answers from someone. Either way I was not learning. No one was taking the video seriously and so did I. When it was over he asks to turn the papers in and I hesitate. I did not know we had to turn it in. Fortunately, I got away with it because it was my first day. I could not figure out why I was not understanding my science class and did with other classes. I then realized that the reason my science teacher was not teaching in front of the class as often as he should have had was because he relied too heavily on media and outside sources such as bookwork to teach the class. How does a middle school teacher expect eleven and twelve years old students to learn a lesson from videos without taking the proper time to teach? Regardless of what the teacher did, I always took extra time out of studying from other classes to review lessons because I did not want to be behind on my tests. When I moved to high school, my teachers used computers and internet more often than in middle school for PowerPoints and research projects so frequently. Whether it was English, History or Science, each course required students to complete these types of projects at least three or four
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