Technology 's Impact On Food

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Technology 's Impact on Food Considered one of the best-reviewed documentaries of 2005, (Taproot Journal 19) The Future of Food by Deborah Koons, focuses on the harmful impact genetically engineered food has and could possibly have on our society. Throughout the documentary, Koons maintains her stance against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by introducing different scientists who explain what GMOs are and the concerns they have with the use of them. The film has received great reviews. Koons is recognized for the great film structure and for the information she shares with the audience. She appeals to pathos and logos to convince viewers of the danger GMOs have on our society. Although Koons presents different downsides of the use of GMOs, there are others who believe GMOs will be necessary in the future. Our population is rapidly growing and many people are concerned about how we would feed everyone. Agricultural technology now lets us produce crops in large quantities and at a faster pace, but some are not safe for human consumption. Since many of these crops can bring health risk to people, all the genetically modified (GM) products should be labeled for the safety of the consumer. From start to finish, Koons attempts to educate and warn her audience of the substances that are now in our food.
Deborah Koons is the writer, producer, and director of The Future of Food. Her documentary concentrates on the production of GMOs and the risk they could bring to our…
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