Technology 's Impact On Society

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alia Monsanto
Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

Technology’s Impact on Society
21ST century technology has indubitably made life more convenient for us. This can be looked at in a positive or in a negative way. Technology has essentially taken over the world. Replacing almost everything in our homes, schools and communities. Modern Technology has brought tons of negative effects on society including depression, lack of social skills, obesity, poor sleep habits, stress, constant distractions, addiction, lack of empathy, violence, indolence and the list goes on. Almost everywhere has advanced computerized systems and although it may be helpful to us, it is causing heavy impacts on our lives.
We now live in a society where people keep their eyes glued to their phones and could not imagine being without one. Where people do not even have to get up to go shopping or to read a newspaper. Where people do not even know how to read a map or use a compass. Using our smartphones, we now have the power to download an app for almost anything/everything we need. We have become dependent on technology. People do not even remember each other’s phone numbers anymore. We now rely heavily on technology to do/remember things for us. Imagine if all of a sudden a huge EMP attack struck the world and we were out of electromagnetic energy. It would fundamentally change the world. Planes would fall out of the sky, cars will be inoperable, water, sewer and electric would be gone and no
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