Technology 's Impact On The Global Landscape

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Innovation has become a crucial factor to allow corporations to provide various products and services in reacting to a competitive, rapidly changing environment. Over the past decades, the developments and improvements in Information Technology (IT) have had a profound impact on the global landscape as well as the regular corporate working environment. With the help of advanced Information Technology, businesses are able to process and operate its daily works more accurate and easier. It is much safer and easier to store data and information in the database than the traditional approach (Valacich & Schneider, 2016, p. 214). IT has been changing the way how business is done. It changes the basis of business from the labor and manual skills to the knowledge management. The jobs required by information technology, as well as the technology itself, are changing the social system of the organizations. Organizations are unable to adapt the pace of technology change will suffer more in the business world than they used to be. Enterprise Automation The workplace has changed significantly over the last half-century due to information technologies, mainly due to the automation of existing processes. Automating is the approach for businesses to use information systems to do a process faster, cheaper, and perhaps with more accuracy and/or consistency (Valacich & Schneider, 2016, p. 56). According to the PMG survey (Frenkel, 2014), 98% of the responders think automating business
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