Technology vs Mankind

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The computer and internet,while being useful,can never replace the classroom and the teacher. Discuss.

Yes. I would agree with that view. While the computer and internet provide a wealth of information and a source of entertainment,it is not the ideal environment for teaching and learning. The computer and the internet are like our textbooks and encylopedias. However,all-encompassing they are,they are still not replacements for the classroom and the teacher. One doesn 't gain all the knowledge in life from the internet or from textbooks ; rather,one gains knowledge ethrough the process of reading and learning. The experience of gaining knowledge is also as important,if not more important,than knowledge itself. One must realise that
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Despite the wealth of information provided by the internet,information can become outdated or erroneous. At our present rate of advancement in science and technology,the information and facts we learn during our years of study can become obsolete and irrelevant in five to ten years. Therefore,it is not the knowledge of information and facts that is crucial to our learning ; the knowledge of how to gain current information,distinguish between the right and wrong,the accurate and the inaccurate,is as important. This skill of accessing information from various sources will keep us updated about current events and be able to evaluate and analyse them. Getting to know all the information in the Internet will not help in these areas. It is in the classroom,where teachers guide students towards what they learn and how they learn , that the real purpose of education is transmitted.

In education,besides skill,knowledge and development of relations, there must also be the inculcation of moral values and the evaluation of one 's abilities. Moral values vary slightly from one culture to another,but there are essential similarities like caring for the needy and providing for the poor,being humble etc. These moral values cannot be taught on the Internet. There is no textbook on morals anywhere where one can just gain moral values by reading it. Besides,learning the basic moral principles,one must also
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