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Mary Briery EDU 225 September 20, 2015 Instructor John * * Three Technologies Review (From your list of five technologies above, you will select three to review) Web Address | Description of resource | Targeted Grade Level | Content Areas | 1. | National Geographic for kids, there are games, videos, pictures and information on nature. | 3rd-6th | Science and Social Studies | 2. | It has a variety of subjects with videos, games, and even worksheets. | 3rd -12th | Science, Social Studies, Math, English, Engineering and Tech., Art and Music, Health | 3. | There is a variety of subjects and videos on this site. | K-Beyond…show more content…
There is a section for free access to a limited amount of games, videos, and the like, so if cost is a problem one might be able to find something in the free section to enhance their teaching. The site is very user friendly and reliable and the links are in working order and the site is up to date. is for grades Kindergarten -8th and is a kidSAFE Coppa Certified, which means that it is a safe environment for students to surf through. Students will not find inappropriate information from this site. The hands on games and puzzles make learning Math and Reading fun. Some of the games not only teach students educational skills they also teach hand eye coordination and critical thinking skills. Such as arcade type games where the use of more than one key to play the game which call for coordination and Sudoku teaches critical thinking skills. Students will be learning by discovery. By exploring this site students will be learning as they discover and play the different games (Ng, 2014). This site is a free site and would benefit free time in the classroom. It does not appear to be something that would be suitable for classroom instruction, although there are books that can be read together as a class. The links are up to date and in working condition and are easy to navigate. The site appears to be reliable and available where ever there is internet. This is over all a good

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