Technology's Effects Of Technology And Its Effects On Children

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Children in America seem to be on their cell phones, computers, or anything that has social media or internet access more and more each year. It has become a problem, it will continue being a problem in the world today, if we do not cut some of the technology out of our lives. Too much technology can cause many problems, this is why we should limit our time to social media and internet access. Technology has affected everyone, adults, teenagers, and children. Mostly in children because their still brains are still growing and developing. The ages of a child are not old enough to be a teenager, but not young enough to be a grade school child. Although some children enjoy being on computers or smart phones, many children can be affected by technology in many ways, it can affect your brain, social development and has an impact on your physical activity. However technology has an affect on children, it can affect their brain the most, and how they focus and comprehend. If children are constantly on some kind of technology resource they may feel as if they need to have it, or they’re addicted to it. Children need to realize they do not need a phone or a computer, they need to minimize their technology usage, and kids will understand that they don’t need it. Some children enjoy being on the computer or smart phones, but it can affect children’s brains. Children who use technology too often can mature before their time and can have too much confidence. Children that are
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