Technology's Effects On Mental Illnesses

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I was sitting on the couch watching television. My mother asked me did I do my homework. “No mom, this is my favorite show can I please just watch it.” I tried my best to convince her, but there was no way. Well, I went to my room, and started on my homework. I had to write a narrative paper and turn it in. I had no idea what I was going to write about, but I got my phone and started typing. After a while of thinking, I got a text from my mom saying ‘Are you on your phone’. I told my mom that I had to do it online. She went crazy. “Your generation is so lazy; everything you all do is on technology! Back in my day that did not exist. You are going to get a sheet of paper and turn it in with your hands!” My mom flipped out on me and it was…show more content…
Mildred and half of the society has nomophobia. The people won't even turn down the parlor more less turn it off. (Dashevsky) Nomophobia is a mental illnesses and it is basically people that go depressed, because they do not have technology of any kind. There are even more negatives things technology does to people. For example, the violent games online make people aggressive. “Watching or virtually participating in graphic violence is not healthy…” Technology is creating violence. (Global Student Network) “Teenagers who play violent video games over a number of years become more aggressive toward other people…” (Telegraph) It is not just video games. There are always some haters. People are mean; you can't even speak your mind on Facebook without somebody hating on you. (Roo Girl) The school didn't care that Clarisse didn't go to school; they didn't want her there because she is anti-social. (Bradbury, 29) That society is dumbing down, because you go to school to become social not to learn. Clarisse is considered an outcast; she does not watch television all day. Clarisse said she thinks and notices stuff, because she doesn't watch the ‘parlor walls’. (9) Since she was an outcast, nobody cared about her. Clarisse got ran over by a car. It took Mildred four days to remember to tell Guy that their neighbor died. (47) Captain Beatty says Clarisse is better off dead, because she didn't want to know how but why. (60) Kids her age was not just killing her on purpose they were also trying to kill Montag. The kids were trying to kill Montag just because he was walking. Violence is a big issue because of technology. (128) That is way more than 26 things wrong with technology. Technology is obviously taking over our world. Negative effects in this world are still increasing, because of
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