Technology's Impact On Learning

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Technology's Impact on Learning. (2003, June). Retrieved from HYPERLINK "" Focuses on ways that technology impacts learning and cheating; especially in realm of Internet sourcing. Anderman, E., & Midgley, C. (2004). Changes in self-reported academic cheating across the transition from middle school to high school. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 29, 499-517. Peer reviewed article in which data suggests that self-reported cheating is on the rise based on student's view that "everyone does it." Cahn and Markie. (2008). Ethics: History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. New York: Oxford University Press. Academic text that outlines basic premises of ethics and how they apply to contemporary life. Center for School Mental Health Analysis and Action. (2006.). Enhancing student connectedness to schools. Retrieved from HYPERLINK "" Lay person's article that focuses on ways in which students can become More connected to school environment, therefore reduction in dishonesty. Chiesl, N. (2007, Fall). Pragmatic Methods to Reduce Dishonesty in Web-Based Courses. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 8(3), 203-211. Retrieved from http://www.EBSCOhost. Peer reviewed article explaining methods of assessment that lend
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