Technology's Impact On Society

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Technology’s Impact on Society in the Banking World

Technology 's impact on society has changed in many areas of our lives. Technology has changed travel, you can now book your own plane ticket without going to a traveler’s agency, schooling you can take classes online, and have access to doctors and medicine without having to leave your home. I chose to write about the topic of banking. With the help of technology banks are able to reach out to more customers and provide better services to them. How has technology affected the world of banking? What choices do we have when it comes to our banking needs?
With the advance technology, banking has become a 24 hours a day and seven days a week ability. Not too long ago banks were only open from 9:00am to 3:00pm, workers and businesses rushing to get to the bank before they close. Paychecks were handed out personally not direct deposit, cashing or depositing a paycheck entailed a trip to the bank. Now most companies have direct deposit and the printed paycheck is becoming a thing of the past, this is only one example of how technology in banking has changed in society. The electronic banking (e-banking) can be described as the automated method of new and traditional banking services which reduce cost, and simplify front and backend process satisfying customers.
(In software engineering, the terms of “front end” and back end” are distinctions which refer to the separation of concerns between a presentation…
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