Technology's Impact on Management Styles

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Technology's Impact on Management Styles
University of Phoenix
MGT 330
July 2005

Technology's Impact on Management Styles "The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager" (Drucker 2005). For a company to be successful, they must have effective managers. Management must continually build upon their failures in order to find a method that works well for them and the organization. Throughout history, business leaders and academia have discovered new ways to improve on the different styles of management. There are various management styles beginning in the classical era and continuing on to the contemporary era. The classical approaches to management included styles such as Systematic Management and
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Human relations are the first major approach to emphasize informal work relationships and worker satisfaction (Bateman & Snell, 2004)." Many of the ideas from scientific and administrative management methods influenced the development of the Human Relation management approach. The first area of focus will be how employee behavior and productivity are influenced. In the early stages of development, there were a number of studies and experiments conducted to formulate a track record of consistent findings. In one series of research experiments in particular, the Hawthorne Studies, there were researchers who went into a workplace environment to observe its workers. The focus of the study was to determine if by periodically changing external factors, such as lighting, the employees would show a difference in productivity level. At the conclusion of the experiment, the findings were that when different external variables within the work environment were altered, the variables did not seem to affect the employees as much as the concern as to what impression they made upon the researchers observing them. This finding leads into the next topic of discussion, which is; why social needs have precedence over economic needs. In the eyes of many, social needs take precedence because oftentimes we tend to value what those around us value, or deem to be important. Everyone wants to be accepted by someone, whether that is his or her peers, family, coworkers, etc. Oftentimes
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