Technology's Negative Influence On American Culture

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In general everything has its positive and negative sides, but has anyone thought how technology could have a negative influence? With the new technology everyday that maks life simple, lets people forget the negative side to it. Life is somewhat becoming easier and the world is getting smaller, but everything has consequences. People being further apart, being on the phone for hours, day after day people loses deep concentration. Technology will have negative influence on American culture. In the past, when someone is in need of certain information usually spends time at the library between the books to gather some information and that sometimes could take hours. Today from home and with one click, all the information is easy access. Searching the web too much and having easy access made people skim through the pages instead of the traditional kind of reading. Nicholas Carr has mentioned in his article a study done by scholars saying, " They found that people using the sites exhibited “a form of skimming activity,” hopping from one source to another and rarely returning to any source they’d…show more content…
Specifically students in schools or colleges have been noticed by teachers on the way they write. Michaela Cullington mentions in her article "Does Texting Affect Writing?" that, "Teachers report finding “2” for “to,” “gr8” for “great,” “dat” for “that,” and “wut” for “what,” among other examples of textspeak, in their students’ writing" (362). Michaela Cullington also says, "they are so used to it that they do not even catch themselves doing it" (363). When students are on their phones for hours, many things will change without noticing, such as writing. Today people are trying to keep in touch with the easiest way other than calling each other, "because it allows quick messages to be sent without people having to commit to a telephone conversation" (Cullington
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