Ted Baker Plc : Case Study Essay

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Ted Baker Plc. Introduction Ted Baker PLC is a high-end retail company based in the UK. The company offers a large range of luxury items from clothing and accessories to bedding and crockery. In the company’s annual report (2015/16) Ted Baker present their distribution as being managed through three main channels, retail (£348.4m), wholesale (£107.7m) and licencing (£14.4m). These operations take place in a large number of stores and outlets across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Ted Baker also have a successful e-commerce business which represents 15.4% of the company’s overall retail sales and which has sites serving America and Canada as well as the UK and Europe, with a separate site also set up for Australia. Section A – Industry Analysis Competitors Ted Baker’s main competitors in the UK in the designer-retail industry can be identified as Jimmy Choo PLC and Supergroup PLC (Financial Times, 2016). As of 23rd November, Ted Baker has a revenue (TTM) of 488.87m and a net income (TTM) of 47.46m. In comparison to its competitors Jimmy Choo (revenue:332.45m, net income: 9.92m) and Supergroup (revenue: 597.5m, net income: 41.2m), Ted Baker sits in the middle in terms of revenue but they have the highest net income in comparison to competitors, indicating a strength of trade in the competitive market. (See Appendix A) Trends A steady increase in the popularity of online sales has caused a major push towards e-commerce in the retail industry.
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