Ted Bundy : A Case

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Ted Bundy was a young rising politician, a crisis hotline volunteer, a law student, and the charming boy next door. He was also a deranged sociopath, a cannibal, and was suspected of murdering 100 women in the 20th century. As Ted Bundy put it, “I’m the most cold-blooded son of a bitch that you’ll ever meet.” (Pulditor, p.24) Theodore Robert Cowell, or Ted Bundy, was born on November 24, 1946 in the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Vermont to Louise Cowell. Louise moved shortly after his birth to her parent’s home in Philadelphia. It was there she and her parents concocted the idea to make Bundy believe that his mother, Louise, was his sister, and his grandparents his parents to save Louise from the towns criticism against her…show more content…
He went on to college at the University of Washington and worked several jobs while attending. Bundy made good grades and loved to study but his bosses considered him unreliable as he cared more about studying than being on time to work. Outside of working and studying you could find Ted with his nose in politics. In 1968 Ted volunteered for the campaign of Art Fletcher, a small town republican politician who was running for lieutenant governor of Washington. When Fletcher lost the election Ted went to Philadelphia where he enrolled at Temple University in 1969. Ted Bundy took several classes while attending Temple University, but one that Ted really enjoyed was his theatre class. “He took several theater classes, learning the basics of acting and discovering that his facial features were unusually indistinct. With a slightly different hairstyle or a bit of facial hair, Bundy could dramatically alter his appearance. This would serve him well in his career as a serial killer.” (Pulditor, p.26)
In 1970 Ted enrolled yet again at the University of Washington. There he volunteered at the Seattle Crisis Clinic answering calls for a suicide prevention hotline and graduated with honors after majoring in psychology in 1972. It was during this time that he would roam the streets at night and peep into women’s bedrooms, sometimes breaking in to steal a memento.

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