Ted Bundy Personality

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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946. Ted Bundy childhood was

Kinda weird and little scary. Ted pretty much grow up in home where family gathered together

And have a family teaching lesson. Ted Bundy didn’t really have interest in family things they

did . Ted bundy was a very smart person in school but very shy kid in school and home. When

Ted Bundy was three he was attached to knives. And with knifes he would do bad things. Ted

Bundy liked to go to people house and sneaked through to watch they was doing and steal

Their stuff they had in. Ted Bundy one day he felled in love with this student that she went

To University of Washington but although he saw that she was very wealthy. Ted Bundy

Type was that very wealthy, intelligent and very interested in school. But later on the relationship

Didn't go well and they had a break up. Ted Bundy was very sad and mad but then he decided to Go to the same college. When he graduated from college with his first degree in psychology in

1972. Ted Bundy was accepted to law school in Utah. later on the years went by himself and

Transformed to be an active social and political matters. Than later Ted Bundy received a letter

From the republican governor of Washington after working on his campaign. Ted Bundy was

Very smart person had mostly all his degrees at that time of period he wasn't a bad person.
In February 1980 Ted Bundy had a daughter with Carole Ann Boone and of
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