Essay on Ted Bundy Psychobiography

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Ted Bundy

Though it could be argued that Ted Bundy’s characteristics could fall into that of other psychopath classification systems, this well-known serial killer exhibited many of the traits that Robert Hare outlined in his Psychopathy checklist. This paper will provide an overview of Bundy’s characteristics applicable to Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R). Taking the two factors of the PCL-R interpersonal traits and antisocial behavior respectively this paper will unpack certain events in Ted Bundy’s life that were contributing factors to his career as a sexual serial killer.

Prior to his career as a serial killer, a factor 2 trait from the PCL-R,
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After some time she ended the relationship with concerns of his immaturity and lack of ambition which is one of one of Hare’s checklist components (Nelson p.279). Bundy made it a point to prove Brooks wrong about him and he began to excel at his education as well as pursuing extra curricular government opportunities. In the process he met another woman and began a relationship with her, soon after Brooks came back into his life and he began a relationship with her. Bundy carried on the two relationships never letting them know about each other and even discussing marriage with Brooks until 1974 when he abruptly ended the relationship,. This behaviour in relationships demonstrated his impulsiveness.

Bundy’s modus operandi initially involved late night entries into women’s homes followed by an attack with a blunt object. Often this attack turned into a sexual assault with his blunt weapon of choice. Eventually, his method took a more calculated approach by putting on ruses to lure women. A psychology major in University, Bundy was likely aware of the social-psychological phenomena and utilized this knowledge in his gaining the trust of his victims. He approached women wearing a cast or a sling or identified himself as a trusted individual like a police office or firefighter (Rippo, 2007, p22). This technique allowed him to gain the trust of his female victim could be placed under

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