Ted Bundy : The American Serial Killer Essay

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Ted Bundy is known as the American serial killer, rapist, and a necrophilia (a person who has sex or is sexually attracted to the dead or a corpse) that murdered young women during the 1970s. He confessed to 30 homicides, committed in seven different states between 1974 and 1978. He has been connected to at least 36 murders, but is thought he could be responsible for about a hundred or more.

Theodore Robert Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. Ted was his mother’s secret, because she was a young single twenty two year old unmarried woman. Her parents were very religious and this was a big no-no, Her parents where appalled and shammed her. She gave birth to her son in a home for unwed mothers in Vermont. Her parents took her back in, and she went back to her parents in Philadelphia. Teds mother let her parents raise him as their own, and he was led to believe his grandparents were his patents and his mother was his sister. Ted’s grandfather, Samuel Cowell, is rumored to be his biological father. Although it was never confirmed, if the rumor is true, that would make Ted Bundy the product of incest. After a family argument, that revealed the truth about Ted’s true identity, Louise, Teds biological mother moved them to Tacoma, Washington. Teds mother met Johnnie Bundy shortly after moving to Washington. They got married a short time later and had four children together. Johnnie adopted Ted, changing his last name from
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