Ted Bundy: The Mind of a Killer Essay

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Ted Bundy was an American born rapist, a necrophile; a serial killer and a kidnapper who assaulted and murdered several young women during the 1970’s. The criminal kept on denying the charges for more than ten years and later confessed of having committed the thirty homicide crimes in seven different states before his execution (Rule, 2009). Bundy’s handsome and charismatic appearance made it possible for him to easily win the confidence of young women who were always his targets. He broke into the dwellings of his victims at night and bludgeoned them as they slept. He also approached young women in public places where he impersonated as an authority figure or feigned injury on his victim before empowering and assaulting at a…show more content…
Bundy’s crimes were organized crimes where he clearly thought out and planned the crimes ahead, picking up his victims ahead of time. In addition, he brought the necessary tools to help him execute the crime and used strategies that protected him from being recognized such as impersonation of authority figures and dragging of his victims to secluded places. His pleasant physical appearance made it possible for him to easily approach his female victims who would not suspect that he is a criminal. Based on the offender’s well planned and calculated actions, a report describing his psychological history may be made to include the behaviour criteria of his dangerousness, the extent to which he displays criminal thinking (mens rea), the degree to which he displays anti-social tendencies and criminal propensities, as well as the level of social competence and problem resolution skills. Research has revealed that organized offenders are high in birth order and may be the oldest in their families. Such offenders are quite intelligent and usually have their lives in order until a given point where a series of stressful situations makes them to act out as criminals. Bundy is depicted as having achieved university education and scored highly to become an honor student in his psychology class (Rule, 2009). In addition, he is depicted as smart and aggressive in his job as an assistant to the chairman
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