Ted Cruz And His Position On Key Issues

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Ted Cruz and His Position on Key Issues
T ed Cruz has been a US senator for Texas since 2012. He taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas law school from 2004-2009. He served as the Texas Solicitor General (state lawyer before US Supreme Court) from 2003-2008. He worked five years as partner in a large law firm from 2008 to 2003. He held some prominent positions from 1999-2003 for the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Department of Justice, and the 2000 George W. Bush presidential campaign. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995 (Senate).
Cruz is well acquainted with the law, and is highly capable of defending causes he is committed to... He calls himself a defender of the constitution,
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Cruz is pro-energy when it comes to oil. He wants to approve any pipelines in order to use and exploit any unused American energy reserves. But, when it comes to renewable energy he opposes any subsidies for the reason that he believes they don’t need help competing (PBS).
In national defense, Cruz has a strong opinion that the military needs to be built back up to the level it has been in the past (Ted). One issue he addresses is the use of unmanned drones, in which he is a little wary of. There are too many ways that a robot could make a mistake, civilian lives matter. Nevertheless, Cruz is for lethal action especially when it is in response to violence from foreign nationals. When it comes to a controversial issue of women in the military, he tactfully states the he’d rather keep women out of military combat positions, for it just doesn’t make sense (ProCon).
He feels like immigration needs heavy reform and restriction. One issue he wants to correct, is undoing the police limits the Obama administration created to detain illegal immigrants (ProCon). He also proposes the all too familiar ‘wall’. Like most extreme conservatives, he proposes extending and creating a strong enough wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico.
Cruz’s view on the economy this: something different. Maybe that is all he needs to say for people to be attracted to him as a candidate. He has created a simple tax plan which states that every person would have to pay a 10% flat
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