Ted Cruz For President 's Campaign

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Ted Cruz for President

In March of 2015 Ted Cruz announced his candidacy. Since then, his names has graced numerous news organizations. Cruz speaks on behalf of passionate Republicans desperate for change. Currently, he holds the fourth highest polling percentage amongst the Republican candidates. Cruz can win because of his high voter demographic in large groups, campaign strategies, and his views on issues. Although, his campaign needs to improve in order to beat Trump, Carson, Rubio, and eventually the Democratic candidate.

Cruz has a strong White and Christian following, similar to many Republican candidates. To gain more followers, he must reach out to more minority groups and separate himself from the others running. Currently the United States racial makeup consists of 77.4% White, 13.2% /African American, and 17.4% Hispanic/Latino (National Consensus). Cruz polls highest with the White community over any other. Hispanics create the second largest group following Cruz because he was the “first Hispanic U.S. Senator from Texas”(CNN.com). He has reached out very little to the African American community. Because his father 's background consists of immigration, Cruz polls well within the voters of mixed race, but it a very small group lacking the power to affect the outcome of an election. If he doesn’t gain more African American votes his candidacy could start to plummet. Because Cruz comes from a family of strong religious faith, he does very well in the polls with…
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