Ted Drewes Research Paper

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A lot of people always wonder how the process of Ted Drewes how it gets to the window. What seems like a quick and easy service sometimes it's complete hell. There about seven or eight positions you can work in a day shift which are 10:45am – 6pm or a night shift is from 6pm - close. So now the I established that you stand on your feet forever and when work. We can move onto more exciting things. So, the “gopher” is the person who runs and gets flavors and puts mix in the machine. If you ever work at Ted Drewes try to lift a bag of mix over your head, I’m sure you will drop it. A bag of mix is about 5lbs even though that might not seem like alot that constant lifting up of 5lbs. Once he puts mix in the machine the machine hypo-freezes the custard not ice…show more content…
After that the “head mixer” gets the concrete from the flavor table and puts them on the mixing table. Then the “mixer, yup you guessed it mixes the concrete. As the they are mixing the concrete piece of custard are flying everywhere like it was a war. Then the concrete is brought to the window and the “window worker” give them to you. Window is the most stressful job I would say, you deal with big groups, crying kids, first timers and more. For working window people are amazed on how we can memorize the orders without writing anything down. Now imagine what I told you just now at hyper-speed. People screaming out orders, mixer buzzing, customers talking etc. By the end of your shift it’s nice to just sit back and relax in peace in quiet. Three things a lot of people do that secretly make window workers mad is being indecisive, grabbing spoons before they are given to you and calling the frozen custard ice cream. Its honestly not that bad after a while and when the lines aren’t wrapped around the
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