Teddy Boys Research Paper

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During post-war Europe, in Britain one of the first youth subculture the “Teddy Boys” and the forgotten “Teddy Girls” emerged around the 1950s. This subculture soon spread throughout the United Kingdom and became largely associated with the American Rock n’ Roll genre of music. As the subculture began to spread, they began to be seen as a rebellious British youth subculture. By then the Teddy Girls by were overshadowed by the Teddy Boys since there were more of the boys than the girls. Not only that, they were deemed boring by the media because their role at the time were still focused at home. The name “Teddy Boys” derived from their style of fashion that attracted youths from their generation. Their Edwardian style of clothing came from the high class in the 1940s which could be…show more content…
But soon the media started to portray the “Teddy Boys” as misfits to society as they began to become involved in petty crimes. These crimes became so severe that workers “started to hire ex-boxers, ex-soldiers, and even professional wrestlers to maintain order” (Lowenstein 74). The Teddy Boys quickly “earned a reputation for street fighting, low-level crime activity, and attacks on British’s growing West Indian community” (McKay et al. 898). It was their same attacks on the West Indian community that lead to their decline and a rise in another subculture. Even though the Teddy Boys weren’t shown in a positive light, this youth subculture became a breakthrough for other subcultures to emerge. Both the Teddy Boys and Teddy Girls set up fashionable trends for both male and female to follow, even though the males dominated this subculture. With it, they also set an example of what to expect as other subcultures would emerge taking after the Teddy Boys. Even still to this day, some subcultures in history can be compared to the Teddy Boys subculture and share something in common with
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