Teddy Roosevelt And The Development Of The National Parks

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Teddy Roosevelt and the development of the National Parks 11/30/2014 Nicholas Wittkopp He was the youngest candidate to become president. He was the leader of the progressive movement. He was our twenty sixth president, he served from 09/14/1901 to 03/4/1909. He was a writer of thirty five books. He was New York 's thirty third governor. He was a naturalist. He was a war hero in the Spanish-American War. He was a member of rough riders. He trust busted forty corporations. He made pure food and drug act, and meat inspection act. He got the government to set a side forty two million acres for wildlife reverses, and national parks. He toke over the Panama Canal project after the french gave up on the Panama Canal project, and finish the Panama Canal project. He face is on Mt. Rushmore. He was a historian and an explorer. This amazing man was the great Theodore Roosevelt, which in fact was my favorite president by far. Even at a young age Theodore Roosevelt cared about nature conservation. At the young age of eight years old Theodore Roosevelt start his own museum of natural history, when the skull of a seal washed up on the New York Harbor. Curiosity fueled the growth of the Roosevelt museum, Theodore collected any specimen in his reach, he plead to friends and family to bring him any specimens they could, and even paid other children for specimens they would get him. Being the leading naturalist of the time Theodore knew that killing unfamiliar animals were
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