Teen Axn League Critique

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I started volunteering for a program called Teen Axn League which is a small portion of Girls Rock, North Carolina in December, 2014. Teen Axn League is a group of teenage girls and transgender people working to create an overnight summer camp based around music. We are committed to building a positive, safe, and encouraging environment for teens who may not receive as much positive attention from the media. In addition to that, we believe music is key to empowering girls and transgender teens everywhere. When I first started volunteering, I wasn't enthusiastic. I didn't feel like I fit in because I’m no part of the LGBTQ community, I’m just a supporter. However, this organization helped me realize that you don't have to be exactly the same…show more content…
One of my roles in Teen Axn League is fundraising. In order to do this I had to reach out to members of the community such as Whole Foods to see if they could donate food to us for the camp. I also had to contact small venues such as the Pinhook to ask if we could table at shows and raise money that way. While tabling I had to go on stage, as well as speak to individuals, between acts and talk about Teen Axn League and what we strive for as an organization. I still get anxious sometimes talking in front of big groups of people but as I continue my work with Teen Axn League, I become more confident in my abilities. Teen Axn League is a small portion of Girls Rock, North Carolina which is a non-profit organization. While Teen Axn League is not yet a non-profit because it is new and still growing, the more my peers and I work to raise money and get people in our community involved, the closer we are to becoming a non-profit. Although my future with Teen Axn League is uncertain because of college, I will still work my hardest to make sure the camp will be amazing for the next group of girls and trans kids who will embark on the wonderful journey of Teen Axn
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