Teen Curfew

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Teen curfews have been in debate in most major cities for a while now. Parents and city council members have been trying to push laws to have young adults home safe and sound where they should be at a more reasonable time. Teen curfews are a good idea and should be enforced. Not only would it show more responsibility on the young adult’s part, but it would support teen safety. Another advantage to a curfew is that it would will help teens to be less sleep deprived. Responsibility is something that takes time to learn. We all had to go through those trial and error moments where we have to find our on way, or learn new things. Teen curfews would help enable that sense of responsibility and trust. Teens would have their set time to return…show more content…
Maybe with curfews, we can help decline the negative impact on how teens are viewed from staying out so late at night. We all would like to have healthy and responsible young adults, and they will thank you later in life when they realize what you have done for them. We all must do our part in helping them to grow and become responsible
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