Teen Dating Abuse

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A problem that is becoming more and more common is teen dating abuse. The big issue of domestic violence has spilled over onto our kids with more and more girls getting abused by their boyfriends. Is this a problem that people isn't talking about, don't want to talk about, or want to stay blissfully ignorant that this is really going on. The fact is, it is going on and it must be dealt with. Here are some statistics for you based on a study provided by Liz Clairborne Inc; 13% of girls in a relationship reported physical abuse. 1 in 4 teen girls, who has been in a relationship, has been forced to perform sexual acts, and 1 in 5 have been threatened. The hard facts; our girls are getting physically and sexually abused by boys that we probably…show more content…
They become less talkative and sociable. They may spend a large amount of time moping around the house, stop caring about their appearance, stop laughing or smiling, and become sad. If there is a change in their usual personality, start asking the hard questions. Is the boyfriend always keeping tabs on her? This also can be a clue. Constant calling or texting, or if you find that the girl have to 'check in' with him on a regular basis is not what is considered normal behavior. Yes, teens like to talk on the phone and text each other. When the relationship is new, constant communication is pretty much the norm. The way you can tell the difference is when it goes from 'wanting' to keep up with each other to 'having or needing' to keep up with each other. If it becomes imperative that she has to let him know where she is or what she is doing, and there is no happiness or joy about it, then it is time to worry. The boyfriend is also a source of information when trying to detect abuse. There are ways to tell from his behavior if he is or is prone to abuse; such as, if he becomes jealous easily, if he is caught yelling at times, or if he comes from an abusive background. I am a firm believer that people choose their own paths and make their own…show more content…
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