Teen Dating Violence Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Teen dating violence is a serious problem, and the number of cases continues to rise. The victims are usually teenaged girls, and the abuse may occur for months before they finally come forward to report their attacker. Some teens do not tell until the abuse is obvious because they are seriously injured, others deny the abuse or make excuses for the abuser. Is your daughter at risk for teen dating violence? Do not assume she will tell you if her boyfriend starts abusing her. Teen girls are likely to blame themselves if they are abused. They may be too embarrassed to tell or lack the confidence. They might think that no one will believe them if they do report being victimized. As a parent, it is essential to know if your daughter is at risk for becoming a victim of teen dating violence. If your daughter exhibits any of the following traits she has a greater chance of experiencing dating violence. Low self-esteem. Girls who do not feel good about themselves are more likely to allow others to abuse, control and use them. If your daughter appears to have low self-esteem take steps to help build her self-esteem so that she will feel better about herself. Insecurity about appearance. Appearance is extremely important to teenaged girls and greatly affects their self-esteem. If your daughter is unhappy with the way she looks, find a way to enhance her natural beauty. Perhaps a new hairstyle or a little makeup will give her a boost of confidence. If your daughter is overweight,

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