Teen Depression And Anxiety Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis
Depression and anxiety are serious matter that have become rising issues among teens in America over the past few years. You always see articles or studies that show the numbers and the different forms of the psychological issues, but they never really tell why teens face them. In “Teen Depression and Anxiety: Why the Kids Are Not Alright”, Author Susanna Schrobsdorff purpose for this article is to raise awareness of how serious the situation is. The author appeals to pathos by sharing stories of teens and their parents who face these problems, she uses logos through creditable resources and to show how important the situation is.
Schrobsdorff starts the article off with a story, about a woman, Faith-Ann, who started to cut herself in the eighth grade. she using pathos to try to make the audience feel sympathy and to express the significance of her topic. She expresses how Faith-Ann feels when she would cut, saying, “it was a sense of deep relief” for her, then using a direct quote from Faith. She also talked about what Faith would escape from when she would cut herself and how it would affect Faiths daily life, ending the paragraph with another direct quote from Faith. She uses the direct quotes as ethos to give credit and show that what she said about faith was true. she goes back to pathos stating that faith didn’t tell her parents until three years later because she felt her pain and sadness couldn’t be explained or justified. That she loved her
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