Teen Depression And Anxiety : The Stereotypes Of Teen Suicide

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According to the online article “Teen Depression and Anxiety: Why the Kids Are Not Alright” (2016), about 2 million teeangers have been reported experiencing depression and about 30% of those teens are girls. Okay, now imagine this, a girl becomes depressed and begins cutting herself, later to transition to suicide all because of stereotypes. Why would the girl commit suicide? Women in the past, have had an inferior role and at the cause of that people now begin assuming their capabilities and that's where discrimination begins. During the years, stereotypes have been increasing in society all over the world. The phrase “stereotype threats” simply explains how people threatened by a negative stereotype, take it as part of their life and make them come true. One of the most common stereotypes is targeted towards women. Many stereotypes that have been mentioned about women, involve the way daily life is supposed to take place. For centuries, women would stay home and do their duties. Women would be taught to act in a specific way in public and were taught to respect and obey their husband, leading to a lower status from men. In some cases women would become depressed and be punished. They [women] would stay home and cook, and would be considered the “good mother”. A 68 year old women who we will call, Maria, remembers how back in the days in Mexico women would have no rights and voice. They did not have the right to do anything they wish to do. “I remember when my mother
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