Teen Depression : The Cause And Effects Of Teenage Depression

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The teen years are usually the most challenging, yet most crucial time of one’s life. This is the time frame where one experiences many physical and emotional changes that may be hard to fully understand. The highest risk for depression actually falls under adolescents (Simon, Zieve). Through the various circumstances, falling into depression is very common amongst teenagers. Teenage depression is a serious mood disorder that often has no specific causes, but is in need of awareness of its contributing factors, symptoms, and how others should treat those who suffer from it. Many would automatically assume that there are many causes to teenage depression, but that is not entirely true. As stated by Dr. Wong, MD, a psychiatrist from Los Angeles, it is often that one can not identify why exactly they experience depression. The situational cause (e.g., a breakup or death in family) is not always given. In addition to that, research has shown that genetic, environmental, and psychological factors cause feelings of depression, but there are no specific causes to the disorder (Orenstein). For these adolescents, this is a time where social acceptance begins to matter. The pressure to do well academically, have many friends, and gain acceptance by everyone is a common pattern in school. Social media today also plays a major role in teens’ desire for social acceptance as they get false images of the ideal life or materialistic things. This can cause them to feel exclusion through
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