Teen Drivers Are a Threat

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It's a normal Friday night and Alicia is getting ready to leave to go get ice cream with a normal sixteen year old boy. Her father, Dr. Arturo Betancourt and his wife Lulu, confirm it is all right for her to go out, but first they had to meet the boy and told her she had to be home by curfew. "I want to speak to him," Dr. Betancourt told Alicia. He even reminded her to avoid distracting him when he's driving (Stafford, 3). Sometimes Alicia would complain about her early curfew, but she always obeyed it. That night she didn't come home. Several hours after Alicia's curfew the Betancourt's began to worry so they decided to call the cops. The dispatcher spoke calmly and asked them to stay at home. It was at this moment that Dr. Arturo…show more content…
New findings from brain researchers at the National Institutes of Health show why efforts to protect young teens usually fail. The dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex is to blame or the part of the brain that weighs risks, make judgments, and controls impulsive behavior. The researchers at the National Institutes of Health show that this part of the brain is not fully developed and normally isn't fully developed until 25. This slow developing process plays many dirty tricks on young teens, whose hormones are churning. While their bodies turn more adult like, these hormones encourage more risk taking and thrill seeking. These hormones then fire up the limbic system or the part of the brain responds to pleasure and this makes it difficult for young teens to make quick wise decisions. This undeveloped part of the brain also makes it difficult for teens to realize what the long term consequences of certain decisions such as driving fast or driving drunk. When a teen is driving fifteen to twenty miles per hour over the speed limit the limbic system the part of the brain that responds to pleasure, is working perfectly, but the part that warns of negative consequences is all but useless. Also when the limbic system is fired up teens will overestimate their driving skills and they forget how little training and experience they have. Many if not all of these problems with teen driving can be avoided if we just
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