Teen Fatherhood

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There is a tremendous amount of research that tackles the topic teen parenthood most is focused on the teen mother and as a result, there is a considerable amount of information missing on the topic of African American teen fathers. Mollborn (2011) supports there are a numerous amount of literature on teen pregnancy prevention, abstinence, and repercussion of teen pregnancy for the mother, but limited amount that addresses fatherhood. Based on the lack of emphasis placed on African American teen fathers, it provides an indication there is a need for a continuation of research to gain insight on the experiences of being an African American teen father.
Although the role and experiences of the teen father lack investigation, it is also as
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Sriyasak et al. (2015) found that younger fathers scored lower in areas of competency, father-child interaction, and understanding the concept caring for child compared to the adult fathers. Sriyasak et al. (2015) also found that children of younger fathers had a higher number of negative behaviors at school and health concerns. Exploration on father-child relationships provides insight on challenges African American teen fathers enduring as young fathers. Social services and mental health professionals can benefit from research to help with enhancing knowledge on the topic of adolescence fathers', and utilize knowledge to help improve programs. As evidence has proven the importance of father-child interaction, providing educational resources to help increase that interaction is greatly needed in supporting teen fathers (Sriyasak et al., 2015). Mallers (2010) conducted a study investigate the importance of father involvement. Mallers (2010) findings indicated that positive father-son relationship showed a significant difference in how they deal with stress in their everyday life compared to men who reported no relationship with
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