Teen Moms : The Problem Of Teenage Mothers

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The problem today with teen moms is that the teen girls are not taking care of their kids the way they are suppose to and that they are just too young to have kids. Girls are going out with their boyfriends and getting too involved with them and what they want. This has become a problem in many places and needs to be fixed. Girls have their excuses and say that “it just happened” or “he forced me”, “we were just laying there and somehow things just came up and we did it”. Twenty nine percent of teens say that they have felt pressured to have sex. Another unintentional reason girls become pregnant is because of teenage drinking. The girl is always having to take responsibility of it happening when it is just as much as the guys fault. The guys are not wearing protection and the girls are not taking birth control or anything. Most of the teens that are getting pregnant are usually not stable and do not have a lot of support at home and they go out and do whatever they want to. Teen pregnancies have very many negative consequences. Another reason teens get pregnant is that they feel the need to compete with their friends to lose their virginity or just to “be cool”, or they let their friends influence them to do it because they all think that it is “cool”. “Most of the teen pregnancies that happen are unplanned”(The Reasons Teens get Pregnant), and they are not happy about it. Over half of the dads of the child will leave the mother for another girl and says that having a child is just too much work for him. Allen 2 Whenever teens become pregnant and people at school starts to notice her stomach and start to stare, they usually get angry and upset that people are judging them so they start to have social problems. Teens that get pregnant also are more likely to have a mother that did the same thing when they were younger (having a child at a young age). “Ages fifteen to nineteen year olds have over 200,000 babies a year and usually have another child within the next two years of their first child” (About teen Pregnancy). One thing that most of the teen mothers do not even think about doing is abortion, they only consider adoption. Most teens will end up dropping out of school and not finish high school and do
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