Teen Music Influence

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Teenagers listen to music; nobody will say otherwise. However, claiming that today’s music is ruining teenagers in general and becoming a major detriment to the average teenager’s health will put the speaker in hot water. That does not make it any less true, however. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While many teenagers practice “clean” lifestyles and abstain from sex, drugs, and alcohol, many choose to abuse these substances and lead themselves down dark pathways for the rest of their lives. Modern genres of music, primarily targeted to appeal to teens, idolize and somewhat worship sex, drugs, and alcohol, and certainly influence many who may otherwise choose to abstain from these substances to fall victim to their negative presence. Music’s influence on teens has not been a positive one: creating pressure for teens to drink, smoke, or practice unsafe sex well before they are prepared to make those decisions themselves. Beginning with alcohol, there is no shortage of the amount of songs that promote heavy drinking. Many songs that involve going out and having fun also pair alcoholic drinks alongside their lyrics, which, in turn, demonstrates to teens that alcohol is associated with having fun. A study in 2014 by Dartmouth College concluded that those who listened to music that included references to alcohol were more likely to drink during parties and other frequent social events than those who listened to “clean” music (Primack). Linking alcohol to music does not cease
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