Teen Obesity Rough Draft Essay

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Teen Obesity-Rough Draft

In these past few years, teen obesity have become a very controversial world wide issue. With fast food becoming more popular and technology advancing, we need to find a solution for this problem. What is an appropriate and safe way to help end teen obesity.
Before searching for ways to end obesity, we should know some of the factors that contribute to people becoming obese. Surprisingly, there are many factors that specifically affect teens. A few of them are, excessive use of electronics, a large consumption of fast food (which is high in calories.) and genetics. The most likely cause for the high rate of teen obesity is fast food. Most teens enjoy going out and buying a cheap and quickly prepared meal over making
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Since we have figured out through research that fast food is the most likely cause, eating more healthy, home cooked meals would probably be the best solution. These homemade meals should consist of a fairly even balance between all of the food groups, especially vegetables and fruit. Along with the already tremendous problems of fast food, many teens don’t even exercise to burn off the extraordinary amount of calories they just consumed. Many teens go straight to an electronic device and spend hours on it without even attempting to take a break. Therefore, limiting the amount of time they can spend on electronics would greatly benefit their health. Also, when they are not on their devices, they should set an exercise plan to follow at least three days a week. Finally, once you begin the long road to becoming healthy, you need to constantly keep a check on your weight. All of the weight you could build back if your gain isn’t kept under close examination. Something else to consider is looking into the We Can! Program. This is an organization dedicated to helping stop obesity. Many people recommend getting help from this organization to help get your life back on
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