Teen Parenthood Essay

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The miracle of life is a great thing, but when the carrying mother is only 15 years in difference from the child, people will begin to take notice and create speculation on how and why this is happening. People began turning to companies like planned parenthood for answers to why this is happening and look for a solution. As teen and unplanned pregnancy become of a problem in society, planned parenthood is taking the bull by the horns and providing younger and older mothers alike with solutions such as birth control, abortion, and implants. According to “Us Abortions Stats” within the last 10 years, teen pregnancy has become more of a problem among teenagers and in turn has caused abortion rates to rise (US Abortion Stats. Par 1) As…show more content…
Although controversial, abortion is a common option given to the mother and father who dont believe they can properly care for the child and feel it would best fit both of their interests to surgically abort the pregnancy. In 2015 planned parenthood performed roughly 450,000 abortions (US abortion stats, para 2). Abortion is one of planned parenthood's most common solution to teen pregnancy but can cause complications for the carrying mother. The process used to abort the pregnancy is to surgically remove the unborn baby from the mother's womb. By doing this, the carrying mother would not have to worry about going into debt or risk losing other schooling due to the child. Although planned parenthood does give many other good options to young carrying mothers, there is still a two sided debate on why abortion is ethical or unethical. After the case of Roe v. Wade in 1976, controversy still continues on which side is ethically and morally superior. On one hand many people believe that abortion is unethical. In the opinion of Austin Cline and his article “Is it moral or immoral to have an abortion” he states that “If the fetus is a person, then it must be considered murder.”(Cline 1). People who believe that the mother who is carrying the baby needs to still go through with the birth and then find a solution upon birth. Many people believe that the unborn baby has a set of unalienable rights, and if aborted, then these right will have legally been
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