Teen Parenthood

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So this is permanence 1: The short story ´So this is permanence´ is written by Stephanie Soileau and the theme is teen parenthood. Sarah drops out of her school because of her pregnancy which she hides from her mother. After the pregnancy her life gets difficult, she is frustrated and unhappy with the baby boy, she finds it hard to establish a bond with her baby. Her mother does not know about the situation until its too late to get an abortion. Sarah can´t fill out the baby´s needs and cares, her top priority in her life is not about her baby. She then confronts the baby´s father who is unaware of the situation and is seventeen-years old, he gets irritated and leaves to the rests rooms. Meanwhile the father is in the rest room,…show more content…
You can´t leave a baby and specially not with somebody you hardly know. What would have happen later in the story if it continued, would the father even realize that she was gone and the baby was left alone with a ´somebody´. The father went to the restroom to get high, this is shows that neither he is ready to have a child. It´s careless and unthoughtful leaving a baby in a diner, Sarah makes the baby look like a plate with some leftovers you can´t eat and then desert it, waited to get picked up and throw-ed out. 4: There is a lot of bad sides with being a teen parent, some teen parents ain't ready to have a child. Some of them are feeling that they are wasting their youth on the child when there is so many things they ratter will. Some teen parents are partying every weekend instead of taking care of their children, they place them overnight at their friends, family and so on. Another example could be your economy, a child is expensive and some can´t have a job because they go to school plus they put all their time on the baby. It could be such things as clothes and food, your family could help you but in the end its your own responsibility of taking care of your child. The last bad thing about teen parenthood is your mental condition. Your might think you are ready, but you still feel that you need to do a lot things in your life, such as traveling out to see the whole world or buy a new computer
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