Teen Pregnancy: A Problem for Society

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The problem with teenage pregnancy is it requires intervention from society. This debate is from the perspective of teens, and absent from the medical, ethical, and political views on teen pregnancy. According to Jewell, Tacchi, & Donovan, (2000), teen pregnancy is not a problem for teens themselves but more of a problem for society. The large numbers of unintended pregnancies are among unmarried teens. A number of teens do not want to become pregnant, although some are not opposed and other has ambivalent attitudes (Bruckner, Martin, & Bearman, 2004, p. 535-557). Therefore having a healthy understanding of factors associated with a desire for pregnancy among teens, health care providers may better predict the most at risk teens. Many…show more content…
173-185). Adolescents may be prone to engaging in risky sexually behavior due to perceptions of personal invulnerability and their tendency to focus on the immediate. Despite the multitude of programs and policies designed to protect teens’ sexual health, debate continues over what actually influences teens’ behaviors. A cross sectional study was completed to get the viewpoints of the high school students on prevention of pregnancy. The group selected for testing was 51% males and 49% which was from a diverse racial and ethnic background in the 10th and 11th grade. A study was done in the variable of interest to see if the teenagers had intended to get pregnant. The adolescent were asked if they wanted to become pregnant at the time, or you did not want to become pregnant, or it did not matter if you did or did not. The close examination comprised of the demographic variables such as ethnicity, race, nativity, age, and Hispanic women and a diversity of psychosocial, economic, and social changes. The teenager was asked an easily modified question had her plans been like she described it. As the teens answered both question, there were three categories listed; intention to become pregnant, with no intention of becoming pregnant, and the ones who did not care at all if they were pregnant or not.
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