Teen Pregnancy : A Product Of Social Pathology

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Teen pregnancy is known as a product of social pathology: parental neglect, emotional deprivation, insecurity, poverty, ignorance, violence. Pregnancy and motherhood in adolescence have a high pejorative, both for the same young to your child if the pregnancy goes to term. The difficulties are numerous, short and long term: the teenager is fragile and becomes more fragile even at pregnancy; medical, school, family and professional prognosis is sober, like the future of the child and the mother-child relationship; They followed pregnancies too early and are a high risk factor and the young mother is unlikely to reach a stable form one day, or even get to obtain a social status of family autonomy.
In addition for reasons of biological or psychological immaturity of young teenager, these maternity seem so hard to take because our social system keeps contradictions regarding adolescents. The adolescent mother can conceive a child and give birth, but not prepared by education, social maturity and sufficient autonomy to raise it without difficulty. However, pregnancy is the most important step for a women, where it undergoes physiological changes that favor the correct development of the child. Through many stages, which was a small fertilized egg will become a beautiful baby? Here will be shown the development of pregnancy month by month, week by week. Pregnancy usually lasts 280 days (40 weeks), counting from the first day of the last menstrual period. During that time many

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