Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy

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Conceptual framework
It is hypothesized that there is a direct correlation between low socioeconomic status and teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy, for the purpose of this paper, is defined as a teenage girl between the ages of 13-19 who are currently pregnant (UNICEF). Low socioeconomic status is defined as families living at or below the poverty threshold. The independent variable for this study is teenage pregnancy and the dependent variable is low socioeconomic status.
Research Methodology
The theoretical population for this study is teenage parents in New York State who became pregnant between the ages of 13-19. The study population of this study comprised of teenage parents residing in five low socioeconomic areas in Queens and five low socioeconomic areas in the Bronx who are currently pregnant. The researcher visited the public health centers, in these low socioeconomic communities from each borough and explained to the Clinical staff and Social Worker the purpose of the study. The researchers were then given permission to hand out their survey.
The sampling method chosen for this study is probability sampling. Probability sampling is when the participants get an equal opportunity to be selected as a representative sample. This type of sampling was chosen because it was convenient and inexpensive for the researchers. The sample frame for this study is comprised of a random selection of 100 pregnant teenagers from Queens and 100 pregnant teenagers from the

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