Teen Pregnancy : Causes And Effects

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Teen Pregnancy The rate of teenage pregnancies has decreased drastically since skyrocketing in the early decades. Teenagers today have shown an increased use of birth control and a slight increase in abstinence. To draw attention to the problem, people typically refer to it as ‘children having children,’ which is essentially the issue. If teens were to remain abstinent until they are completely ready, the issue would no longer be as relevant. In today 's society, there are serious consequences that follow teen pregnancy, which result in the necessity for a more effective solution. By understanding the history, causes and effects, and possible solutions, the problem may be lessened. The issue with teen pregnancy can be prevented more…show more content…
Experts suspect that fewer teens are having intercourse, and those who do are using some sort of birth control or some form of protection. Suellentrop notes that, “ In 2013, 44 percent of teens who never have been married reported that they have had sex. That 's a decrease from 51 percent in 1988” (Suellentrop, et al). There are any causes that lead to teen pregnancy. Essentially, the lack of abstinence makes rates grow. By encouraging teens to say no to sex in the beginning, the most effective method of lagging the amount of teens having children would be created. Chavez surveys that, “90% of teens said that they believed it was important to encourage abstinence, and 60% of sexually active teens said that they wished they had not had sex” (Chavez 22). In other words, if parents were to better enforce the fact that having children at a young age isn 't all that it is cracked up to be, those who choose to listen wouldn 't have to live with such a heavy regret. Another source of the problem comes from the education system. Bakalar emphasizes that, “If we send the message that early sexual activity is no big deal, [as] long as teens are careful to not get pregnant or get an STD, we shouldn 't be surprised that more kids will decide to have sex” (Bakalar 1). There isn 't really any incentive when it comes to being an early mother. Some may say that their life gets started quicker, but in reality, they 're only setting themselves up for failure in most

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