Teen Pregnancy, Do We Really Know The Facts?

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Teen pregnancy, do we really know the facts? Do we even know the common early signs of early pregnancy? Teenagers tend to close themselves off when they find out they are pregnant. Teenagers can not predict what life will be like with a new baby. They will go through several different emotions, exhaustion, and peer pressure-related stress. Teenage mothers are more likely to have lower school achievement and often drop out of school and develop health problems and also face unemployment as young adult. By not finishing high school this will offer more difficulties in early parenthood.
What are the signs of pregnancy? The first sign is a missed period. However, if the period is light the signs can be missed. Some more significant signs are breast tenderness, nausea, often in the morning, vomiting, feeling light headed, fainting, weight gain, feeling tired and swelling abdomen. There are over the counter methods of checking for pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests are designed to detect pregnancy hormones in the urine. This can give an accurate result if the missed period is a week old or better. Once the test proved positive than make a doctor appointment to receive prenatal care for the unborn child. Healthy babies becomes health adults. (Martin) Exercising and eating well and confiding in supportive friends and family members will help ease the pregnancy. Cigarette smoking, drugs and alcohol can have very damaging effects on a mother and her unborn child. Teen
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