Teen Pregnancy : Education Is A Virtue

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Teen Pregnancy: Education Is A Virtue Dating back many centuries, teen pregnancy was the cultural norm where women as young as twelve are married off to men to conceive their children. Back then, it was acceptable for young women to bare a child once first menarche and have as many children as her body could bare. In today’s society, teen pregnancy is looked down upon, yet sexual appealing imagery is solicited throughout social media, television networks, magazines, and music. So how is it that teen moms are subject to ridicule and mockery when they are ill educated, media influenced, and peer pressured into situations they never understood. This paper will discuss proper sex education services, teen pregnancy support programs, the impact of television reality, contraception management, and socio-economic difficulties. The Initial Assessment and Nursing Diagnoses As adolescents enter their primitive years, many physiological changes take affect. The search for sexual identity begins as well as physical transformation from the pubescent to the adult body. Psychological changes take hold as well as adolescents balance the need for guidance with an increased thirst for freedom and parental independence. Scholars have linked these changes to several troubling issues in adolescent sexual behaviors including high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (Goesling et. al., 2014). As such, early sexual education is vital in minimizing adolescent risk
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