Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Pregnancies are a wonderful thing. Just imagine being able to create another human being and bringing it into the world. Although this may be what the majority of mothers think, teen moms may have a different perspective. They might have been forced into pregnancy and the child may be a reoccurring thought of what happened to her. Chances are the teen will love her baby in the long run, but in the beginning the teen most likely had different views. Teen pregnancy is a worldwide problem that needs to be educated properly. The reason why most teen pregnancies occur because teens aren’t educated enough. Granted they might become curious or they don’t care, but they at least need to be properly educated on the matter and know exactly what they…show more content…
Generally when a teen has a baby, society tends to make her seem like a monster, and that whatever happened to cause this. She gets shunned and pushed into a dark place where she may not be capable to provide the best care for herself or her baby. The duo may be ignored by their family and friends, causing them to feel very isolated and alone, which could potentially lead to things such as insanity, other mental health issues, or the worst case possible, death. Unfortunately, if the teen gets to the point where she feels like there’s no other option, she will most likely turn to drugs and alcohol, making her situation even worse for herself and those around her. If drugs or alcohol were involved before the teen knew she became pregnant, medical complications to her or the baby are very likely. The teen has to stop drinking, or doing any type of drugs immediately if she wants to keep her and her baby safe. If the mother gets hurt in anyway while she is pregnant, she can potentially hurt and/or kill her baby. Birth deformities are common in mothers who choose to not have a healthy lifestyle. Teen moms are more likely to have their babies born early, have miscarriages, and underweight babies. This will lead to the need of more medical attention, which leads to more money. If the teen mother does not have any help from parents, family, or friends, she will most likely not be able to pay for it and could cause harmful things to occur to her

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