Teen Pregnancy

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Introduction Teen pregnancy is often unplanned and challenging for the future life of mother and child. The increase risk of health problems for both mother and baby occur during teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy impacts adolescent development in all aspects: physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Negative consequences result from teen pregnancy include: low income, increased school dropout rates, lower educational levels, and increased rates of substance abuse (Garwood, Gerassi, Reid, Plax & Drake, 2015). Risk factors of teen pregnancy lead to risky behaviors that increase the likelihood of teen pregnancy. Primary risk factors for teen pregnancy include: poverty, low socioeconomic status, limited maternal education…show more content…
Interventions have shown to address issues related to adolescent sexual behavior such as reducing sexual partners, reducing unprotected sexual intercourse and decreasing teen pregnancy. Healthy Teen Transition is a teen outreach program, it is an intervention program that is offered in schools, after school programs and community settings. Healthy Teen Transitions teen outreach program overall goal is to help adolescents build relationships with supportive adults, build interpersonal skills and critical thinking. In efforts that adolescents will develop a positive view of their future through various opportunities and experiences while in the program (Walsh et al, 2016). Physical Development According to researchers Patel & Sen (2012), teen pregnancy can result in severe physical health issues. Researchers conducted a study that examined the physical and mental health outcomes associated with teen pregnancy. Teen mothers were reported to have the poorest health of all women examined in the study. Teen mothers’ poor health may be linked to lack of education in prenatal and postnatal care. Teen mothers may neglect their own physical health in efforts to care for their child. Teen mothers’ physical health problems may be linked to lack of financial resources for adequate food, nutrition, and medication (Patel & Sen, 2012). There has been little research that has examined teen pregnancy and the

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