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It has been said that teens across the world have not been receiving enough sex education. This has led to many issues with teens becoming pregnant, which most of the time is unanticipated. Teenage pregnancy has been a social problem throughout the world for a number of decades now. Many studies have been completed in several countries that pertain to the amount of teens and the types of teens who are becoming pregnant. Rates among teens had been declining for some time, but are starting to take a turn and increase. This is still a significant social problem, though some people do not perceive it like it is. There are various reasons as to why this is such a large social problem. There is not a clear answer as to why teens are…show more content…
According to an American study, “750,000 girls get pregnant each year, 31% of teenage girls get pregnant at least once before the turn 20, and the federal government spends about $7 billion to help families that originate with a teen mother” (Gilbert, 2007). Studies have shown throughout these countries that America still has the highest rate of teen pregnancy. In Canada, “the teen birth rate declined from 35.7 per 1000 in 1974 to 14.4 in 2003” (McKay, 2006). This statement was made referring to the United States, “Since the teen birthrate is on the rise for the first time in 15 years, it is critically important to focus resources and attention on this problem” (Docksai, 2010). The teen birthrates maybe declining in other territories around the world, but the U.S. is starting to see an increase. Many people believe that anyone that becomes a teen parent is someone who is coming from a poor or broken home, but this is definitely not the case. A survey that was completed in the United States found that “41% of U.S. teen parents come from homes at or above 200% of the federal poverty line, and 70% were raised in two-parent homes” (Docksai, 2010). This shows that there are teens that are seen as “normal” to society becoming pregnant. The results of the numerous people who completed the survey proved what a lot of other people thought about the home life of a teen parent. “Two-thirds of U.S. adults assume that most teen parents were raised in homes

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