Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy

Nearly thirteen percent of all births in the United States were teenage girls from the ages fifteen to nineteen. Almost one million teenagers become pregnant each year and about 485,00 give birth. In many situations the answer to keeping a relationship going is to have a good sex life. Most teen relationships are based on sex. This is one of the main reasons why teenage birth rates are so high. I am a good person to make a case for this topic because I have witnessed from a family member how difficult it is to be a teenager and also have to raise and support a child. This issue shouldn’t only matter to us teens but to our parents as well.
The babies just as well as the teenage mothers, may face long-term problems from
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There are multiple ways to avoid getting pregnant. But the main way is abstinence. By performing abstinence there is no way that a teenage girl could end up with a baby. Even though there are main selling products such as condoms, the morning after pill, and even birth control, it is proven that even those aren’t one hundred percent productive.
Teen pregnancy in my opinion is a terrible situation. I feel as if young women shouldn’t be having kids at such a young age. These teenagers that are having babies are kids themselves, they don’t know how to take care of a baby as well as an older more mature women might. Very few teenagers have jobs, therefore it could be hard to support the baby. They would most likely have to drop out of school and get at least three jobs just to pay for diapers, clothes, and food. Many others are also lucky, some teen mothers actually receive help from either their parents, or their partners. For Jennifer she was more worried about being considered as another statistic. At the age of 16 she had everything she could have hoped for, she was captain of the varsity volleyball team, received good grades, and had an amazing boyfriend. When she found out she was pregnant she kept it a secret
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